Custom Jewelry

What does the word custom mean to you? Would unique, exclusively yours and expensive be your answer? Custom homes, custom cars, custom suits as well as custom jewelry all sound very time consuming, very exclusive and very expensive. Thanks to high tech, a custom piece of jewelry made exclusively for you doesn’t always need to be time consuming or expensive.

State of the art computerized Jewelry Design Software such as Matrix 3-D allows customers to see their design from every angle before it is even made. Details can be seen on screen and in a scale so you get exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to remount an outdated ring or custom design your dream necklace, creating it with cad cam is the most accurate way to do it.

Traditional methods of hand- sketching the item then hand carving a wax model for the customer to approve took a great amount of labor time and artistry making the process of custom design very time consuming and very expensive. With the addition of this advanced technology the cost of a custom made piece is no longer out of range and even the most discriminating customer will be pleased with the outcome.

At our store custom jewelry design is an important part of our business. We have been using this advanced technology since its inception. Design element changes are quickly incorporated to create the precise design that you are looking for in less time. Once the on screen 3-D design is approved, the file is transferred to an automatic milling system that accurately carves a prototype out of wax calibrated to precision dimensions. This wax will then be transformed into a quality piece of jewelry in platinum, gold or silver.

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