The Guys Guide To Buying Jewelry

Attention Guys :

This Is Your Guide To Scoring Major Points With A Gift Of Jewelry.

It’s not often I direct this article to one specific gender, but you guy’s definitely need some help when shopping for jewelry. Women love jewelry! That’s why jewelry is a great gift for a man to give to women. Unlike electronics or hardware, jewelry can be tough for a guy to get a handle on. But with the right information shopping for jewelry can be a breeze. So here are some great tips to help you find the perfect jewelry gift for the woman in your life. Ladies, this is must reading for your guy !

The most important rule is to relax! At our store you will be greeted professionally and treated like a family member. You will be asked questions, given suggestions and shown items. When your choice is made it will be placed in a beautiful box & gift wrapped if you wish .The woman in your life will love it and you will score major points.

Peek in her jewelry box to see what kind of jewelry she has. Check to see if it is predominantly yellow or white gold or platinum. Look at her. Really notice her. What jewelry does she wear and how often? Talk to her friends, co-workers and relation and ask them what she likes.

Don’t get caught in the Net. Until you can hold a piece of jewelry in your hand, you won’t know if you got the bargain you think you got. The internet can be a fantastic source for information and pricing but purchasing can be scary! An independent jeweler has the ability to get you almost anything you want and at very competitive price.

Know the month she was born in. Your jeweler will show you her birthstone for that month. You should also know the differences between 14k gold, 18k gold and platinum. If you’re shopping for diamonds you should be acquainted with the four C’s (Color, clarity, carat weight and cut). At our store we make it a point to provide you with this information and more since it is vital in making an informed and educated decision.

It matters not the price you paid. It is the thought you put into the jewelry purchase that will be most appreciated by her. At our store we take the time to make sure that special gift will be well received. We love it when she comes into our store and thanks us for helping you choose such a beautiful and unique piece that is perfect for her. Don’t worry guys we will let her know that you did all the work. It will be our little secret!

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