Proper Care Of Your Jewelry

If I had a nickel for every diamond I have saved from falling out of my customers setting simply because I offered to check and clean there jewelry at no charge, I would be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams! You’d be amazed at what I see when I inspect your jewelry through a 10 power jewelers loupe! Soap scum, hand lotion, cookie dough, grease, garden dirt, skin cells, little hairs, and living flora and fauna will collect in crevasses and pack themselves into the pockets beneath gemstones unless you carry out a disciplined cleaning program.

Over time, this accumulation can cause a stubborn skin rash on the finger. Your jewelry must be clean to be truly beautiful. Diamonds, in particular, derive their beauty solely from the way they refract, reflect and disperse light. The least bit of film from skin oil, soap or hand lotion will change the refractive index from that of diamond to that of grease, and most of the brilliance will be lost. Diamonds have a natural affinity to grease and must be cleaned very often. Although nothing can replace having your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected, there are some steps you can take to keep your jewelry clean and sparkling.

* Wipe with a soft flannel cloth dampened with warm water. This is a good method for pearl jewelry, amber, ivory and other delicate organic gems. You may also use a specially treated cloth available for purchase at our store.

* Clean gently with warm soapy water. Soak your jewelry for a while in a bowl of warm water with a little grease cutting dish washing liquid. Brush with a soft bristle tooth brush and rinse in warm water. This is good for turquoise, lapis and softer colored stones.

* Clean with an ammonia & water solution. Follow the same procedure above only with the ammonia & water solution. Soak for a small time or overnight. If you’re not sure of the proper mix we have available at our store an excellent jewelry solution complete with a brush and soaking basket in the container..

* Clean with an ultra-sonic cleaner. We have available for purchase an excellent ultra-sonic cleaner in our store.

Many gemstones are very fragile and any cleaning process can possibly bring harm to these gems. Pearls, Opals, Tanzanite, Jade, Amber, Onyx, Ivory, Emeralds, Coral, Lapis, Alexandrite, Malachite, Quartz & Turquoise are just a few of the popular stones that need to be cleaned by a professional. At Rakhman Jewelers, we never charge to clean and inspect jewelry. You can bring your jewelry in as often as you want, even if it wasn’t purchased from us. We have all the equipment and knowledge to safely polish and clean your jewelry. You will leave our store with your jewelry as beautiful as the day you bought it, sometimes better! We will even inspect your jewelry to insure the stones are tight and the settings are not worn.

Next time I would like to discuss proper care of your time pieces, gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

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