Ruby - July Birthstone

Ruby - July Birthstone
Ruby, the “King” of Precious Gemstones is used as July’s birthstone. As legend has it, Rubies have an eternal flame. Wear it as an amulet and it preserves your health, dispels your fears and brings abundant passion to your life. It is also rumored that if you touch it to the four corners of your land it will turn away tempests and disasters…your harvest will be plentiful.

Now let’s look at the scientific aspects of ruby. Its name is Latin (ruber) referring to its color of red. Before 1800, red spinel and red garnet were also considered rubies but it was recognized as been part of the corundum family. Even thought rubies have been found in Burma, today the reference to “Burma ruby” denotes quality rather than origin. The most describable color of ruby is “Pigeon Blood”. It is pure red with a hint of blue. When imperfections within the ruby called rutile reflect to the surface in a cabochon cut stone it is known as “Star Ruby”.

Famous stones of exceptional beauty are the Edwards ruby (167 carat) in the British Museum of Natural History in London, the De Long star ruby (100 carat) in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and the Peace ruby (43carat), thus called because it was found in 1919 at the end of World War I. The largest cuttable ruby weighed 400 carats and was found in Burma. Many stones thought to be rubies have been used in royal adornments such as crowns and thrones but later were found to be spinels.

There are many kinds and varieties of synthetic and laboratory created rubies that resemble natural ones in their chemical, physical, and optical properties. To the trained eye they are easily distinguishable. They are more affordable so many people choose to use them to reduce costs while trying not to sacrifice the look of natural stones. Whether you are royalty or commoner, born in July or any other month, Ruby is a stone of fire and passion sure to please the most discerning gemstone enthusiast.

Now quickly I would like to touch on what is going on in the fashion world and the use of diamonds. Fancy shapes and colors are making a huge comeback! Several bedazzling diamond bracelets are worn stacked up the arm and rings are multi-diamond in the traditional cocktail style. Dangle earrings are swinging from most earlobes, displaying an array of shapes and colors, from simple to elaborate. Watches are deco-inspired to contemporary style with lots of big diamonds. If you have them, wear them! Regal to outrageous, the only rule is to have fun and enjoy the brilliance, beauty and feel that only diamonds can give.

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