Aquamarine - March Birthtone

Aquamarine - March Birthtone
I am Aquamarine, Neptune’s gift to the mermaids. Ancient sailors believed that I would protect them while on the high seas. Today I will do the same for you in your journeys. Keep me near as you marry and I will give you a marriage filled with happiness.

Aquamarine is in the beryl family, like its cousin the emerald. The name Aquamarine is Latin for “water of the sea”, because of its seawater color. The color can range from light clear blue to deep blue, depending on the area of origin. The major deposits are found in Brazil. Other deposits are found in Burma, China, Madagascar and Zambia.

One of the largest gemstone quality aquamarines was found in the Marambaya, Brazil. It weighed 243 pounds, was 18 inches long and over 15 inches in diameter. This stone produced over 100,000 carats of cut aquamarine of all sizes and shapes. You will find the most popular shapes for aquamarine is round, trillion, emerald and oval. Lesser quality stones are used for cabochons or beads.

Aquamarine will give you years of wear and enjoyment as long as you care for it properly. I highly recommend not exposing any of your gemstones to harsh chemicals or physical activity.

The final species is Uvarovite. Because of its green color it may be confused with other green gemstones but this variety is rarely usable in jewelry. As I say every month, with proper care and maintenance garnets will give you years of joy. Please do not wear garnets while gardening, doing housework and physical activities. Abrasive cleaners and household chemicals can damage garnets and any other fine gemstone.

This month I would like to answer a question that seems to be on a lot of your minds:
“Why some gemstones are called “fancy” and others are not?

Many gemstones that are sold commercially are lesser quality. Understandably, these gems are sold to price conscience consumers. The true value may not be found in price. Fancy color gems mean just that. These gems are deeper, richer and more vibrant. They stand out and grab your attention. Some also are unusual natural combinations, such as Ametrine and bi-color Sapphires. These stones are natural mergers of related gems. Also the higher quality, rarer stones are cut by gemstone artists to create unique shapes and facets, taking the gems to a new level of beauty and value enhancement. Always keep in mind; price is not the only consideration when shopping for any jewelry. Consider all the finer points and look at the value in relationship to the price.

Next month I will address the complex subject of diamonds, April’s birthstone.

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