Citrine - November Birthstone

Citrine - November Birthstone
I am citrine, daughter of Amethyst. My sunny glow will chase evil from your thoughts and protect you from snake bites. My energy will focus your mind, emotions and intuition into harmony. My color is associated with lightheartedness and cheerfulness.

Citrine can be lemon yellow to rich golden brown. Many different colors have been known as Bahia, Madeira, or Rio Grande. These names are only in reference to color not point of origin. Recently one of the largest Bahia citrine ever found, over 800 pounds uncut, was carved into a giant pendent by acclaimed gem carvers Lawrence Stoller and Glenn Lehrer and put on display at the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, CA. Mr. Lehrer also cuts gems that make wonderful jewelry. A large selection can be seen in our store.

The natural fusion of amethyst and citrine is called Ametrine. A fine quality stone will have a definite line that separates the two colors. This is not as common as the ametrine that flows gradually from one color to the next. This beautiful artwork can be formed by nature since amethyst and citrine are formed in the same rock and has a mother/daughter type relationship. Since amethyst and citrine are formed in the same quartz formations they are found in the same locations. The most well know source is in Brazil but other large deposits are found in the United States, Russia, Argentina and Spain, to name a few.

A distant cousin to the Citrine is the Precious or Imperial Topaz. Like the citrine the precious topaz is part of the quartz family. Its distinctive color hues separate this most rare specimen from other topaz and quartz stones. It will range from light pinkish yellow to deep brownish rose, but all have an undertone of pink. Because it is a rare form of topaz it is also most expensive of November’s birthstones but one of it’s most stunning.

Did you know smoky topaz does not exist? It is acutely smoky quartz. In the past this has also been used for a November birthstone but is seldom used in today’s jewelry industry. As with most gemstones some special care must be taken to insure years of happiness and wear of your citrine and precious topaz jewelry. It is highly recommended that physical activity is avoided while wearing these stones so as not to scratch or chip your gems.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to let talk about the latest fashion news in jewelry. All signs are pointing to colored gold. We all have seen yellow, white and rose colored gold but now black, green and brown are becoming as popular. It can be seen with or without diamonds and gems in all kinds of uses like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Mixing and matching different shades of gold and color diamond has given everyone new creative energy and design options. Now pieces can be even more fun, you can take on the feel of the current fashions or be the trendsetter! You can have your own look in both color and design. What a wonderful evolution in the gold jewelry industry.

Next month I will talk about December’s wonderful birthstones of Tanzanite and Blue Zircon.

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